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July 13, 2014

It started out inconspicuously,
a small pimple
on the lower left of his back,
something no one
would ever give a second glance.

It didn’t even itch,
so demanded no instinctive scratching.

it grew
and grew,
developing into
a small cyst at first,
then into a larger and larger one
acquiring along the way the powers
of perception, cognition, speech, reason.

It became more and more dominant
in the running of his life ’til
there came a point
when he realised
he had become
the boil.

He now was the awkward,
ugly lump of shapeless,
useless flesh that needed
to be amputated
at the soonest possible opportunity;
discarded with other medical waste,
or better still,
pickled and preserved
for eternity as a freakish
anatomical occurrence–
a talking, reasoning pustule
that apparently possessed
all the features of a well-developed human being.

He clearly saw how all this time
he had deluded himself
into believing he was a real person
who deserved love,
all the rights
every member of society should possess
he was just a cyst
that somehow grew,
assuming the proportions,
the attributes of a person.




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  1. Can I say “yuck” and “bravo” at the same time?

  2. I’m blown away. This is amazing stuff. I’m flattered by the number and quality of your responses. I’ll catch up linking to and commenting thoughtfully to all in a day or two–I’m on holiday right now. Thanks for playing!

    • thank you Doug, I appreciate your insightful feedback on my work! So, would you like to hazard a guess what the extended metaphor of this poem is?

  3. Bob permalink

    I’m an idiot when it comes to what I know of poetry, but I found this really great. Makes me want to read and learn more.

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