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July 16, 2014

One day,
my friends and I descended
into the sewers
beneath the metropolis
and discovered the most unusual eel-like creatures
lounging indolently
on the concrete banks of the subterranean river.

There they were,
lying close to the river’s edge,
only deigning to bestir
and dip their heads languidly
into the passing current,
when a particularly choice morsel
of human waste floated by.

Their appearance overpowered me
with its repulsiveness.

“How could Evolution ever
conceive and give birth to such a horrible abomination?”
I remember wondering to myself,
“How could Nature ever allow
such a glaring insult against Herself
to arise and flourish;
such a travesty,
such a betrayal,
such a perversion of the very natural order?”

Yet when I looked closer
at these anathemas,
a most astounding feature
revealed itself to me.

Somehow, through some playful whim
of the Goddess who directs
and oversees the evolutionary process,
these overgrown worms
developed human faces.

Nay, not just human faces,
but visages of angelic beauty
such that no earthly woman
would ever dare to possess,
lest the Gods become spiteful and jealous.

This discovery was so unexpected,
the radiance of their mien so intense,
I stood transfixed,
unable to take my gaze
even for an instant
away from these heavenly subterrestrial creatures.

Their eyes looked at me
with all the cognition of a person;
Their facial expressions were those
of kindness, serenity, wisdom.

There were two over to the left,
holding their heads close to one another,
gazing deeply, just like two lovers,
into each other’s eyes.

Suddenly I felt an odd sort of compassion for them.


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  1. Marvelous existential parable, dark, hallucinatory. Works beautifully as a piece of sudden fiction. As a poem, if it were mine, I would want to pare it down by about 3/4. You’ve got a real gift.

    • thank you Doug! So would you like to guess what it is an extended metaphor for? I’d like to discuss this poem further with you too, via email!

  2. I’ll ditto Doug on your writing gift.

    • Ditto on my response to Doug’s comment! Thank you Pam! Would you like to guess what it is an extended metaphor for?

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