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July 29, 2014

That was the age of despair, disrepair
of the damned and the condemned 
but this is now, the New Utopia.

That was the time when we killed off our muses,
throwing their remains to the ravenous dogs; 
our innocence disembowelled, 
our hopes quartered
with five hollow-point bullets 
on that cold December night. 

When six million replaced six-six-six 
as the accursed number of all eternity and
six million nameless faces, 
six million faceless names
were extinguished for that greatest crime of all –

But this is now, the Neo-Utopia.

That was the age of despair, disrepair
when raven-black sun
threw rays of shadow upon the Earth 
and giant bullfrogs ate pygmy antelope
bones, hooves and all. 

But still we fought on, hoping for meaning to appear.
Yet when it arrived, it was only in our dreams,
dissipating the moment we awoke
and grabbed at its gossamer threads 
with our crude, clumsy hands. 

And this is now, the Last Utopia.


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  1. Yes, it’s quite frightening to contemplate the reality ahead, humankind doesn’t seem to be able to learn from past mistakes.

  2. 6 million replaces 666… Wow… You are one interesting writer.

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