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July 29, 2014


"Black Dream" by Anton Semenov

“Black Dream” by Anton Semenov


I realise instantly 
that fighting against  
this creature is futile,  
for when I try to 
beat off its attacks upon me,  
it reveals itself to be  
comprised entirely of 
a mass of carnivorous worms,  
every fibre of its body  
assuming the form of 
a writhing maggot.  
No, this isn’t just a  
five or six-headed hydra…  
this is a billion-headed hydra,  
infinitely more powerful than 
any super-predator.  
And so I lie back,  
assuming as comfortable a position  
as the situation will allow 
and let it devour me… 
My last and only twinge of regret 
is that I had always secretly hoped  
to be eaten alive by a big cat instead. 
I recall how 
(in my idle hours of daydreaming) 
I have often longed to lie naked,  
exposed to the elements,  
on the soft grass  
of African savanna  
and feel the lion’s  
moist, sandpapery tongue  
slowly and methodically 
lick my skin clean  
before ripping me open  
with its canines,  
gorging upon my innards  
and then finally 
gnawing on my bones.  
And now, alas,  
this yearning of mine  
shall never be fulfilled… 
I sigh… 
as my last breath escapes… 


"Fastfood" by Dubossarsky Vinogradov  

“Fastfood” by Dubossarsky Vinogradov


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  1. Dark and really interesting!

  2. I’m not surprised that you would have preferred a nobler death. Those worms are positively disgusting.

    • Yeah, the worm creature is hideous, but there’s an allegorical meaning to this poem as well actually.

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