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A Simple Wish

August 11, 2014

1) For best effect, while reading this poem, please listen here to an excerpt of the soundtrack that accompanies the movie scene portrayed in the photo below, composed by Wojciech Kilar.

I don’t ask much from life,
I have but one simple wish.

All I want is to lie forever
on the green grass,
underneath the blue sky,
next to a river,
holding hands
with my soul mate,
my twin flame.

We would have all that we need
fresh air
clean water
the soft embrace of the sunshine
the inimitable softness of the soil
and would not worry about anything else.

We would not even care
if we are alive or dead
but instead would take pure joy
in existing in whichever form.

We would watch our lives unfold
in the heavens above
as the drifting clouds
would depict
the chronicle
of our motionless adventures. 

We would spend
our whole lives like this,
lying next to each other,
in love, in happiness,
no longer playthings of destiny,
released from the meaningless bustle of life,
liberated from the ambiguities of daily activities,
emancipated from the uncertainties of tomorrow,
freed from the vagaries of fate.

There would be
only certainty and changelessness
and we would attain
that which every person
desires most of all,
absolute control
over our lives and our future.


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  1. Lovely image. Love the oxymoron “motionless adventures.”

    • thank you Doug. This poem was inspired by by the above image which is from a Polish movie.

      My friend has created a short video that combines the words of this poem, imagery from the movie as well as the music from the movie into something quite amazing.

      You can watch it at the link below if you are interested Doug.

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