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August 29, 2014

From the top of the hill I saw, to my keen disappointment, that this was not a pleasant coastal town at all, but rather a monstrous octopus of some kind that passed itself off as an urban conglomeration. I already knew octopuses were excellent mimics with highly evolved intelligence and that they impersonated, for defensive and predatory reasons, sea snakes, jellyfish and stingrays, as well as many other creatures. It seemed they had now taken mimicry to the next level and were imitating entire cities. 

What were their motives for doing so, I wondered. What were they trying to achieve? How many other objects or cities were actually camouflaged octopuses? Perhaps the Earth itself, or indeed the whole Universe, was just a cephalopod in disguise?

It was abundantly clear to me now that all those crazy conspiracy theories were right with their claim that a nefarious organisation has spread across the world and penetrated all strata of societies with its harmful influence. Nay, it went much further than that. It no longer was the case of a cabal controlling our world; rather our world literally was one and the same as this evil creature. 

What if I myself was just a sucker on one of its giant tentacles? That would certainly explain why I have so often been gullible and easily deceived. Could this be the reason the Company sent me for a vacation to this “town” – to gain insight into my own nature, as well as into the true character of the world? But if so, then how could I possibly profit from such a devastating revelation of who I really am? 

painting by Vladimir Kush


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  1. Wow, Boris. You’ve outdone yourself with this one.

    • thank you Pam. A lot of people like this one and, gratifyingly enough, the artist himself, Vladimr Kush, liked it too.

  2. maadmaax permalink

    Another piece of great writing, Boris. One of the things I always stress to my writers is the matter of inspiration.

    Did the picture inspire you to write the story, did you write the story and Vladimir Kush was inspired to draw the picture, or did you write the story and just happen to find a picture that matched it?

    • Thank you maadmaax, glad you liked it.

      Although various artists have created paintings and images for my stories and poems, in this particular case it was the picture that inspired my story. I have written quite a lot of pieces that have been inspired by pictures of Vladimir Kush and by pictures of Michael Cheval, as well as by many other pictures that I have come across on the net. In fact, I have over 300 drafts and finished stories that have been inspired by imagery found on the web.

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