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August 29, 2014

(if you look closely at the upper left wing of the butterfly, you will see that it looks like a fish, with its eye close to the butterfly’s body)

As a small boy I loved chasing butterflies.

One day, to my amazement, I discovered that the butterfly I had caught possessed wings which were comprised of four fish, their noses all meeting at one common point on the insect’s thorax.

I wondered if all butterflies had fish for wings; if this was a mutually beneficial relationship that had evolved between the fish and the butterflies. Even as a child I could see the advantages such a collaboration would bestow upon both participants, allowing fish to soar free of the watery depths that have imprisoned them for eons and enabling butterflies to taste, for the very first time, the mysteries of the ocean without sacrificing their lives in the process.


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  1. Took me awhile to see them, but you’re right.

    • so what do you think of a butterfly with 4 fishes for wings Pam?

      • I thought it was an awesome painting, but there are really only two fishes in there.

        • well the bottom two sort of look like fishes too.

          what did you think of the story?

          • Boris, will you stop it? If I didn’t enjoy it, I wouldn’t have commented. I think you’re just taunting me.

            • no, sorry, I am not. I am genuinely interested in people’s thoughts abut my work. I didn’t make the connection that if you comment on the painting, then that means you liked the story too.

            • I would never taunt such a great supporter of my work as yourself Pam. And I do want to say I appreciate you reading and giving feedback on my work.

  2. You’re playing with the idea of recreating the natural order. Some fish, actually, can fly. Who painted this painting?

    • Yeah, I do like playing the Recreator. If you have a look at my Archive for August on this site Irina (link below), you will find that all the pieces that have names of animals in their titles are precisely about that – recreating nature.

      Some fish do fly, but they are not made of butterflies unfortunately.

      A lot of paintings that I find on the internet, like this one for example, appear without the creator’s name, so I don’t have any idea who painted them and can’t tell them that their images inspired stories. When I do know the artist’s name, I always include it together with the image.

      • Thanks for the answer about the painting and the link. I’ll be slowly catching up with your posts on WordPress.

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