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August 29, 2014

( to see the horse’s head, turn your head 90 degrees to the right )

The story of how the horse and the frog merged to become one creature, living in perfect symbiosis with one another, is a twisted one, yet it is only natural that it should turn out that way, given the amount of resemblance that there is between a horse’s muzzle and a frog’s entire body.

Obviously The Goddess of Evolution is a great economizer and doesn’t like to waste her resources – so why not combine the two creatures together when there is such a close and fortuitous correspondence between them!

Sure, a few problems had to be overcome along the way, like in any marriage. The frog had to get used to eating hay and emitting an energetic neigh now and then and the horse had to put up with fly consumption and allowing croaks to come out of its mouth during the frog’s breeding season, but in the end, the union was a happy and long-lasting one.


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  1. Truly off the wall.

    • yeah, this piece is an unusual one, but then again it is practically written by the image above. I hope you can see the horse btw.

      • Absolutely. Is this your artwork?

        • No, not at all. I can’t draw at all!

          All the images that I use in my stories are images that I found by accident on the internet and that inspired stories in me.

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