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August 29, 2014

Every King of the Beasts harbours a horrible secret that is only revealed when he lies on his back and turns his head completely upside down. That is why you will never see him assume such a position either in the wild or in captivity. For what could destroy his pride and self-respect more thoroughly than someone noticing that inside every lion hides a mouse? The pressure of being forced to always hide this hideous truth makes male lions notoriously bad-tempered and quick to anger. As a way of over-compensating for this incorrigible defect in their nature, they roar constantly and act as aggressive bullies.



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  1. Boris, this is absolutely fantastic. It actually took me some time to see the lion because the mouse drew my attention.

    • thank you Pam. Amazing isn’t it that a mouse hides in the face of a lion!

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