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August 29, 2014
(To be sung to the tune of this song here. Please note that the vocals start at the 6:05 mark ) 
Remember when you were young, 
you weighed less than a ton.

Starve on you yo-yo dieter!

Now there’s a look in your eyes, 
like you’d kill for French fries.

Binge on you yo-yo dieter!

You were caught in dilemma
between celery and donuts
punished by feelings of guilt
Come on you target for exercise programs, 
stick with your diets, your calories, your Zumba and starve!

You reached for the cookies again
you cried because of weight gain

Starve on you yo-yo dieter!

Threatened by hunger at night,
and exposed by fridge light.

Binge on you yo-yo dieter! 

Well you wore out your welcome 
with Jenny Craig people
left your dietitian in tears

Come on you target for fast food commercials,
fill yourself up till you feel you’re exploding and binge! 


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  1. maadmaax permalink

    Love Pink Floyd, but this is not one of my favorites. However, you managed to give new meaning to their lyrics — assuming that’s what they were actually trying to say. Well done.

    • well, the original lyrcs were about Syd Barrett, the founding member of Floyd who lost his sanity and left the group. I completely changed their meaning, so that they are now about yo-yo dieters.

    • thank you Doug! Actually I have drafts for many more song parodies – I just haven’t finalised them as yet!

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