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August 29, 2014

When people find a caterpillar in their apple, they usually wince in disgust, do nasty things to the worm and throw the apple away half-eaten. What they don’t realise is that without apples there would be no butterflies, for all butterflies are begotten in the innards of these fruit. Through the baffling process of Transubstantiation Lepidoptera, apple flesh becomes butterfly flesh.

This can be seen most clearly if the fruit is cut in half precisely at the moment the butterfly emerges from the apple’s centre. At first, the butterfly’s body is identical with and
indistinguishable from the apple’s insides; the core of the apple is the insect’s torso and the apple’s flesh is the insect’s wings.

Slowly the wings harden and the butterfly pushes its way out of the apple’s interior, until it reaches the point at which it remains connected to the apple’s stalk only by the tip of its abdomen. Once that last link, that woody umbilical cord, is severed, the butterfly becomes an independent entity and flies off into the world, with the whole cycle of life beginning anew.


paintings by Vladimir Kush

paintings by Vladimir Kush


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  1. Great tale and wonderful paintings.

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