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August 29, 2014
( To be sung to the tune of this song here )


I‘m zombieing for the brains
Just zombieing for the brains.
What a horrible feelin’
I’m hungry again
I’m moaning at the sun
so bright up above
There’s a hole in my chest
and I’m starving for cortex
Let the warm weather take
everyone to remote lake
Come on with the brains
I want cerebrum on my face
I trudge down dark street
with a limp in my feet
Just zombieing
zombieing for the brains

Zombieing for the brains
Dee-ah dee-ah dee-ah
Dee-ah dee-ah dee-ah
I’m hungry again!
I’m zombieing, just zombieing for the brains.

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  1. maadmaax permalink

    Fantastic, Boris. You have a knack for putting the right words into the right places and make them sound like the original. So very well done.

    • thank you maadmaax. I hope you got to sing along! I am actually trying to get this song adopted as the official theme song of the various Zombie Marches that happen around the world.

  2. Brilliant! Love your choices. So far I’ve figured every one out without going to the audio! That’s quite a mind you got there…

    • thanks Doug! I am trying to get this song adopted as the official anthem for the Zombie Walks around the world! Hope you got to sing along to these parodies too!

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