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6 Weird Things About Me

September 10, 2014


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  1. Very clever, very John Cage. The whole point of Cubism is to break out of the box, so fitting the “criteria” is hardly an issue, right? This is terrific.

    • Actually, you can see this image in its full glory here Doug (just click on the image):

  2. thank you Doug, glad you liked it.

    Actually, this piece is entitled “6 Weird Things About Me” but because the whole image didn’t fit into the post I re-titled it “4 Weird Things About Me”.

    However, I have made the image smaller so that now you can see it in its entirey and its title is again “6 Weird Things About Me”.

  3. Okay, that was weird.

    • which thing about me did you find most weird Pam?

    • the question that I asked you above about which thing about me weirded you out the most is a jokey question Pam, just in case you were wondering.

      btw, saw a poem dedicated to you in Irina’s new book. You might have seen me mentioned in the Preface too.

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