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September 23, 2014
Six word stories are based on the famous challenge issued to Ernest Hemingway that resulted in his shortest story ever: “For sale: baby shoes, never used.”

This is my reply to Hemingway:

“For Sale: Adult Diapers. Slightly used.”

Hemingway, eat your heart out!

And here are some more entries in the same category.

1) “Am I dead yet?” he asked.

2) He couldn’t resist cheating in the 6 Word Story contest.

3) Are you my twin or clone?
4) “Kiss me!”, her guillotined head whispered.

5) This story, alas, ends in mid-

6) Darkness envelops – Death really is the end.

7) “Where’s my head gone?” he cried!

8) How did I get two noses?

9) How did my hand become six-fingered?

10) Six words story ended abruptly and

11) “Happy ending this isn’t!” he cried.
12) Six words are more than enough.
13) He kept cheating in the 6 Word Contest.
14) Does comma , count as a word?

15) “Help me God!!!” pleaded God vainly.

16) Damn time machine! Stalled mid-time again!

17) Media – carrion flies feeding off tragedy.

18) Six words is six too many.

19) Dead comedians tell no funny stories.

20) Dead liars tell no tall tales.

21) Am I really my own clone?

22) Whose head’s this on my back?


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  1. Boris, this is so much fun. You have the mind of (oops, I used more than six words).

  2. Thank you Pam – you are very…

  3. I’m with Pam. Fun reads.

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