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October 1, 2014

After my visit to the USA a few years ago, I wrote a series of impressions. Below is one in the series. You can find the complete series here:

America is a big country far away. I went there on a fast plane which flew so fast that when I arrived in America it was still the previous day. And so the plane must have flown faster than the speed of light because when you travel faster than light you go back into the past.

I visited New York City first. It is a big town with many people in it. Lots of people walked past me on the streets there. They probably didn’t know who I was because when I said “G’day” to them they didn’t say anything back. I visited the Atlantic Ocean when I was in New York City. An ocean is like a lake but a bit bigger.

I also went on a long choo-choo train to other places there. I looked out of the window when I was on the train and saw trees and houses, but because they were rushing past me so quickly I couldn’t see them properly. I don’t know why they were in such a hurry. In our country trees and houses usually stay in the same one place.

People in America are not Australian people, but they speak English like us. But because they haven’t learned how to speak the language properly, they speak with an accent. The words are the same but they don’t pronounce the words the right way.

When I was in America I finally met my friends, whom I’d previously met on the computer. Their voices sounded the same, but they looked different. It was a big shock to me because I was expecting them to look like their photos: flat and standing or sitting in the same one pose, with the same smile or other expression on their faces. But instead they were like three-dimensional walking, talking cardboard cut-outs, moving about and changing their face expressions all the time. They must have used that new movie technology to make themselves look 3-D, except that I didn’t have to wear those special glasses I wore when I went to see that new 3-D movie.

I heard all kinds of things about America before going there and so I really wanted to find out what America was hiding from me. So I tried grabbing America by its legs, turning it upside down and giving it a good shake so that all the secrets America had stashed in its hidden pockets would come tumbling down at my feet. But unfortunately America wouldn’t budge.

Then I took my chances on a big jet plane, never let them tell you that all airlines are the same. Some airlines are better than others, and so I flew home on another plane that was different from the plane I flew on to America.

I met many nice people in America and I want to go back there soon.


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  1. I’m glad your experiences were good.

  2. Well done! Good control of the fourth-grader tone…

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