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I Am: An Unauthorised Autobiography

November 25, 2014

image created by Agnieszka

I am a conduit and a dream gatherer
I wonder if the light stays on when the fridge door closes
I hear trumpets and violins in the distance
I see goonness in people and pieces on Earth
I want to feel desire to feel
I am a conduit and a dream gatherer

I pretend to be myself
I feel my thoughts and think my feelings
I touch the Sun in its entirety
I worry about not worrying enough about my life and the future of mankind
I cry whenever I slice onions
I am a conduit and a dream gatherer

I understand that no truth is absolute
I say that no beliefs are universal
I dream about devoting more time to my dreams
I try to make a real effort about making an effort
I hope for the best yet expect the worst
I am a conduit and a dream gatherer.


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  1. This is a lovely paean. Is goonness a neologism or a typo? Because in this case, my reaction is “goodness” would be just fine there. You’ve got lots and lots of other fantastic and fantastical vehicles for neologisms. Thanks for playing!

    • as this piece is a response to a neologism prompt, “goonness” is indeed a neologism and not a typo.

      What I say is that I see goonness, ie I see the madness and total stupidity in people, well in some anyway!

      Others also think it’s a misprint, but I invented the word “goonness” as a distinct counterpoint to the vapid and meaningless “goodness”. Too many claim to see goodness in people while being afraid to point out the craziness and stupidity that goes on in the world!

      Which other vehicles do you see me having for neologisms?

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