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November 26, 2014

Strolling along the beach with my doggie,
I came upon a goldfish in its bowl,
floating along the edge of the ocean.

Someone had obviously taken pity on their imprisoned pet
and granted it a taste of unbound freedom,
deluding the little fish into thinking it was swimming without restraint.

At once it struck me . . .

This is what my own existence has been all along;
all the while convinced I was swimming freely, as in the ocean of life;
in actuality, stuck in an impermeable cell, carried along by the currents.

The world embraces me in all its sublime radiance,
sustaining my delusion that I, too, am a vital part of it all.
Yet the rich waters of life cannot penetrate the bowl;
nor can I escape the hermetic confinement.


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  1. Amazing image.

  2. Interesting, closely observed as always.

    • thank you Doug! As with many of my other pieces, this poem was inspired by the image above that I came across by chance online.

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