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November 26, 2014

It is the end
of a bleak winter day.
I am running down the stairs,
quickly and excitedly,
with my neighbours following me.

We all want to see Mars.
He has just landed in the front yard.

I saw him coming down,
like a juicy pomegranate,
leaving a bright scarlet streak
upon the pink sunset.

There he lies,
crushing the fence
on which he fell,
oozing sticky, red fluid upon the snow.

A regiment of generals
march around him
in strict formation,
saluting smartly,
paying final respects to
their fallen commander-in-chief.

I approach angrily,
filled with hate
for all the wars,
all the misery
he has brought upon the world.

Even though he is
in his death throes,
I feel no compassion for him.

The smashed fence
upsets me not at all;
with the Master of Wars defeated,
no man will need
to protect himself
from another ever again
and eternal peace shall reign
on Earth.

I recall clearly
a deep sense of vindication
coming over me,
for my belief in the
ultimate goodness
of the universe
had been confirmed.


1) In mythology, Mars is the God of War.

2) Mars’ surface is covered by red soil that gives it its characteristic colour.


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