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REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS IMPERFECT (Regal Variation on a Main Theme)

November 26, 2014


It is the middle
of a perfect August day.

I am running down the stairs,
quickly and excitedly,
with my neighbours hot on my heels.

We all want to see Jupiter.
It just landed in the centre
of the town square.

There it is,
lying on the smoothly polished
concrete surface,
looking like a shiny marble
I played with earlier today.

It exudes a natural confidence
and displays total control
that only the most powerful possess,
no matter where
life throws them.

A haughtiness of presidents
prime ministers, kings and queens
are strutting round it,
bestowing homage
upon the King of Kings.

Overcome with curiosity,
I try to take a closer look
but am pushed back
by a cordon of security men,
bodyguards and policemen
who have surrounded the planet
and are preventing anyone
from approaching it.

Obviously one needed
a special invitation
to gaze at Jupiter
and my name was not
on the guest list.

As my view
is blocked,
I turn around
in frustration and disgust
and leave,
feeling denigrated
by this turn of events.

On my way back home
I realise,
to my profound consternation,
that snobbery, social injustice and inequality
extend to the cosmic arena too
and that deep space
is not the haven
of utopian existence
I thought it to be.


1) In mythology, Jupiter is the king of the gods.

2) I have taken the liberty of creating the collective noun of “haughtiness” to denote a group of presidents, kings and other leaders of countries.


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