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November 27, 2014

Where exactly the giant egg was found is no longer remembered clearly.

What is certain is that an egg of such a size had never been observed before and it dwarfed the sightseers who gathered to gawk at it. The immediate instinctive reaction was to attempt to crack it open right where it lay to see what was within, but a voice screamed out above the din of the excited crowd that something rotten, perhaps even a half-decayed gigantic monstrosity, could be inside.

It was therefore decided to drag the giant egg to a nearby beach so the sand could absorb any putrid liquids that might leak out once the shell was broken, and the ocean could then be used as a trash can to dispose of every trace of this aberration’s existence.

Engineers arrived on the scene to draw plans for the most effective way of breaking the shell. Environmentalists gathered to ensure the surrounding land would not become too contaminated, should the egg release any foulness. Scaffolding was erected all around the egg, upon which an army of labourers hammered relentlessly at the egg’s thick, concrete-like shell.

No one can recall how much time it took for the workers to make even the slightest dent in the shell or how long it was before the first visible cracks appeared on the surface of the mysterious egg. The spectacle of the egg unveiling its secret was just so overwhelming that all other details faded into obscurity.

An awed hush swept over the crowded beach as the inner contents slowly came into view. Some could not bear the stress of the suspense and turned their backs; others even ran away. But those who stayed to watch are unanimous in their recollections of the wonder of the moment when a golden star, bathing the surroundings in soft light, drifted calmly out of the broken shell and settled cozily upon the horizon, as though it had always belonged there.

Vladimir Kush


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  1. maadmaax permalink

    Wonderfully done, Boris. I had no idea where you were going with it but certainly enjoyed the ending. Once again, a perfect match between the story and the picture.

    • thank you Len! This is another story inspired by a Vladimir Kush’s painting. Of course, what he means by it might be entirely different from how I interpreted it.

  2. Great story and I love the picture.

    • thank you Pam, glad you liked it. Yes, Vladimir Kush, the painter of the picture, is a very interesting artist and has inspired a lot of stories in me with his paintings.

  3. I didn’t look at the photo well, and I’m glad I didn’t because the ending came as a complete surprise. I just thought, “Aah, this is beautiful.” This sentence added to the suspense: “Some could not bear the stress of the suspense and turned their backs; others even ran away.” Beautiful piece, Boris.

    • thank you Irina. Yes, that’s the problem when you write stories to accompany paintings. Their endings might already be revealed in the painting itself.

      I wonder if you thought, before reaching the ending, that the egg would reveal something monstrous and hideous?

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