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Amerika in the Sky (In Memoriam) – a new passage to commemorate a new stage in American history.

November 11, 2016

You can find the full story “Amerika in the Sky” here:

As America continues to fall and disintegrate into a horrible maelstrom of broken bits,  a demagogue appears amongst the people, claiming he can rectify the situation. Amongst the plans that he puts forward for saving America is counteracting the force of gravity so that all the pieces of America and all the plummeting people will rise back to the sky; reversing the direction of time so that America will return to the ground and the ascent to the sky will never have happened in the first place; building a giant wall that will span from one end of the horizon to the other and that will separate heavens and earth, so that all the pieces of America and the American people will land safely on it; as well as claiming that he has a way to make all the mixed-up broken fragments of America land on the ground in such a way that a new, better version of America will emerge. Half of the falling population lap up these claims hungrily and pledge their allegiance to him, for there’s nothing that a man without hope won’t cling to –  as that old proverb says: “A drowning man will grab a snake to save himself from going under.”


image bySunnyClockwork


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  1. The decline of a civilization .. you’ve captured it eloquently. Thanks Boris.

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