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An Interview by The Australia Times Unearthed Fiction Magazine (Please click on the images to make them readable.)



An Interview by The Australia Times Fiction Magazine (Please click on the images to make them readable.)



Welcome to the Machine – El Diario article (English translation)

Welcome to the Machine Canary Islands Newspaper English image 2Welcome to the Machine Canary Islands Newspaper English image 3


Dear Friends, despite the scepticism of some, I have been able to fully justify your view that I am a philosopher of hope and joy.

I am proud and delighted to announce that recently, while attempting to come up with a new proof of the Pythagoras’ Theorem, I serendipitously stumbled across the most beautiful, elegant and ingenious mathematical proof that we are all, in fact, living in Hell.

Consequently, we have nothing at all to worry about as things cannot get any worse and there is no hope for salvation.

People who think that this is hell on Earth are actually extremely inane optimists living in a fool’s paradise, still clinging on to the false hope that things could improve, whereas our real situation is in fact infinitely worse. They should have their illusions demolished by a helpful and gentle pointing out of the error of their beliefs.

People who realize that this is not hell on Earth, but rather that the whole Earth is in Hell are free from any delusional hopes and are in a better position to deal with the realities of life.

I will attempt to render this proof accessible to a layperson some time soon.

My Stories in a Sci-Fi Anthology

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to let you know that 3 of my stories have been published in a science fiction anthology titled “Synthesis”.
I’m one of the featured writers of this book and my name appears on the back cover of the book. I include an image of the front and back cover below.
As a big added bonus, the foreword to this book is by the actor and author Robert Llewellyn. If you have ever watched the classic British sci-fi/comedy series “Red Dwarf”, you will know him as the actor who played the robot Kryten. I include a photo of him below.

In Memory of a Free Man

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My Song Parody Performed Live by Moogy

Hello Everyone,
Some of you already know that, in my bid to become the next Weird Al Yankovic, I have been working on song parodies lately.  

Well, recently,  I have been honoured to have one of my song parodies performed live by the very talented Belgian-Australian singer/songwriter/pianist Deborrah “Moogy” Morgan. The song is titled ” Those Were the Nights” and it is a parody of the classic song “Those Were the Days”.
Moogy performs every Tuesday at a seafood restaurant/bar called Claypots and I changed the lyrics of the song to be about this restaurant/bar and the people who come there. (The lyrics are not about me personally.)
You can watch a video of Moogy performing this song at the link below. Her enthusiastic and delightful performance brings my song parody to life! (The video also features the very suave percussionist Apú.)
And these are the links to Moogy’s Facebook page and her YouTube channel, where you can see more of her marvellous performances of other songs.


So if you are in Melbourne or happen to be passing through Melbourne, do come and see Moogy perform at Claypots, 213 Barkly St, St Kilda, every Tuesday night at 9pm. She sings a wide variety of great songs, including classic French songs of the 50s and 60s, and Jazz-Pop originals, both in French and English. You are sure to have a very enjoyable time!
I include the lyrics of the parody below.
(Please note that “alco” is Australian slang for “alcoholic”)
(You can watch the original song together with the original lyrics here)

Once upon a time we went to Claypots
Where we used to eat a fish or two
Remember how we boozed away the hours
And thought of all the dumb things we could do


Those were the nights my friend
There was no time for bed
We drank mulled wine forever and a day
The band played all night long
We’d sing and dance along
For we were drunk
and didn’t care what people say
La la la la…

Then the busy week went rushing by us
Monday, Thursday… is it nearly the weekend?
If by chance I see you there this Tuesday
Will you still remember my full name?


Just tonight I stood in front of Claypots
No one there looked familiar to me
In the glass I saw a strange reflection
Who’s that alco staring back at me?


Through the door there came familiar singing
I saw Moogy and heard her call my name
Oh my friend we’re sober but no wiser
For in our brains all cells have died away